Orendun | Cilemeh | Ebrel (Part One)

Orendun was a Vethrian and the first of his kind to desire a Mortal woman. This desire however was prohibited within the rules the Vethrians had created for themselves. Orendun being in constant proximity to the woman slowly became infatuated with her and longed to possess her. Eventually Orendun’s desire overwhelmed him and one night he abducted the woman abandoning the Vethrians without them knowing what had happened to him. His disappearance caused a great commotion among the Vethrians as they feared there was a force hunting all of them, Orendun being only the first of many to suffer this fate.

The Vethrians searched all over to find Orendun but to no avail, in their mind he had simply disappeared. 

After abducting the woman, named Cilemeh, Orendun had fled with her to the periphery where he found a cave. Cilemeh, frightened and angry, pleaded to be returned to her home but Orendun refused and made it clear to her that she was now his. Cilemeh devised grand escape attempts but she was powerless compared to Orendun, no matter how fast she ran she could never escape him. She remained cold toward him and he was unwilling to violate her and thus they stewed in the tight quarters for some time, Orendun wanting her to love him.

And so it went until Cilemeh, realizing the futility of her plight and respecting Orendun’s unwillingness to violate her, allowed herself to fall in love with him. Orendun had gained his prize when he abducted Cilemeh but only now was she his.

Cilemeh became pregnant and Orendun became sick, and as Cilemeh’s pregnancy progressed so to did Orendun’s affliction. He became weaker and weaker and he believed he was dying. This belief caused him to obtain for Cilemeh greater protection and as such he dug deep into the back of the cave and eventually created for his wife an underground home where she would be able to raise the baby. The underground home was humble and when completed Cilemeh was ready to give birth. As the child was being born Orendun convulsed with pain and he knew his end was near. Cilemeh alone now, husband dying and in pain, gave birth to a boy and after was too weak to help either the baby or Orendun. All three where prostrate, death loomed heavy and all was quiet. But all of a sudden the baby coughed, clearing its own throat and then the cave resounded with the screeches of a newborn. This incessant noise awoke Orendun who was now different, he had been transformed in his pain and he felt different, heavier and enclosed within himself. He grabbed the boy off the ground and wrapped him up and then attended to Cilemeh. He poured water on her head and grabbed her hand and she came to. She wanted to see her son and Orendun grabbed the boy and placed him in the grasp of his mother. She caressed the boy and called him Ebrel.

When Cilemeh focused her attention directly on Orendun she was astonished, he did not look like himself anymore but more like a Mortal man. Although he had transformed from what she had come to love, he being more like her now was more pleasing to her and thus easier to love. 

Orendun was happy to be alive and he was happy his wife and son were well and inspired by the events busied himself with turning their humble abode into an underground palace where the three could be safe forever. Every day Orendun would work expanding and adorning his house that became a palace and the palace that became a realm. Everyday his son grew strong and his wife more happy.

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