Orendun | Cilemeh | Ebrel | The Torsef (Part Two)

Read Part One first

Orendun had now created a vast underground realm, so vast in fact that he could not secure its entirety himself. Strangers may find entry and find his wife alone or his son at play and may take them away and so Orendun secretly returned to the Mortal worlds above and stole a beast of burden from a small farm. With this animal Orendun returned and over time modified its structure through manipulation and experimentation until he created a number of strange beasts that would protect his vast realm and his family as well.

The pinnacle of Orendun’s experiments produced the greatest of his beasts known as the Torsef. The Torsef was a viscous beast capable of killing any mortal man and having the sense of smell and sight sufficient enough to deny entry into Orenduns realm to anyone who dared venture within. One problem Orendun faced with the Torsef is that it only recognized him as its master, neither Ebrel nor Cilemeh could control the great beast and could be endangered by it. Orendun took care of this and secured his family deeper within his realm where they were protected by many corridors and secret doors. So not only did the Torsef keep intruders out it also kept Ebrel and Cilemeh in. 

Occasionally while on routine inspection of his realm Orendun would find the mutilated bodies of those who had entered and met their fate manifest in the Torsef’s rage. On another occasion the Torsef escaped Orendun’s underworld realm and caused great havoc among the Mortals at the surface, killing many and causing Orendun to retrieve the beast in the dark of night so as not to be seen. 

After many years Oredun and Cilemeh’s son grew into a young man and became bored within the walls of the palace and made his way out into the underworld to inspect and explore. He met the Torsef and the two battled and Ebrel was nearly killed but was rescued the most opportune time by his father. Orendun took Ebrel back home and Cilemeh nursed him back to health. This incident was the first time Orendun realized that his son was no typical Mortal, his son had survived the Torsef something no mortal since the creation of the beast had done. 

Years later Ebrel was craving adventure and experience of the world above sparked by the stories his mother had told him. He also was nearing the age where a man takes a wife and as a result requested he be allowed to go into the Mortal world. Orendun was at firth against the idea but Cilemeh convinced him it was time for their son to make his way. Ebrel said goodbye to his mother and Orendun guided him past the Torsef up to the Mortal world and there parting Orendun wished his son well and requested he return as soon as possible. With that Ebrel left Orendun’s realm behind and Orendun returned to his wife.


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