The Norstilam are a hybid race, the mother is Mortal and the Father is Vethrian.

The Norstilam are always male, there are no female Norstilam.

Once the Norstilam child is born the father physically transforms from a Vethrian into a Sonimi.

The Norstilam are very agile and strong and superior to Mortal men in ability and intellect. In a fight between the two the Norstilam would win easily.

The Norstilam are taller then regular mortal men and are more muscular. Mortal men being on average 6.5 foot tall whereas a Norstilam is 8 foot tall.

Norstilam are almost never born as twins but if they are the first child is superior to the second.

In the story Ebrel , Rhosrc and Eptih are Norstilam.


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