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The Spiritforms

Mortal man had been created by the Sevtolhal as an act of defiance against the Colossals. The Colossals in turn banished the Sevtolhal and their creation to Existence. Therefore when a Mortal died his spirit separated from his body and that spirit had no where to go and as such was condemned to roam endlessly. As time went on and more Mortals where born and died the amount of roaming spirits, or Spiritforms increased dramatically. Eventually the number of Spiritforms was countless and they eventually learned the ability to apply force to matter and being generally angry of their plight caused much havoc. Initially the Spiritforms where a mere nuisance but as their defiance grew so did their violent acts. Many Mortals where harmed and some killed by these rebellious Spiritforms. Their crimes caused much consternation among the Mortals and the Spiritform problem became a major concern of the Mortals. This concern was heightened when the Spiritforms began to target children. Occasionally it seemed as though a child would become possessed and it was feared that a Spiritform had taken over the child’s body. This imaginable possession could never be directly proven however. Needless to say the situation became quite dire as the fear of the Spiritforms increased.


The Firmornam

The First Mortal man was named Firmornam. When he died his bones where taken by the Graelim and crushed into a fine powder that was mixed with water from the Avirenth river then pressed into a small very hard shape that in look and color appeared to be a bone. This bone however was unlike any that was natural to the Mortal Body and in weight was much heavier. This object gave the bearer of it the ability to control the Spiritforms.